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Prediction of death is believed to be the most difficult part of astrology. But if ancient rules of Suryasiddhantic Ganita and Phalita of BPHS (Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) &c are strictly followed, it is not difficult. We have analyzed a lot of celebrities' horoscopes whose birth time and death time were well known,. We are presenting concise samples here, details may be seen by downloading Kundalee and using it.
Abbreviations : D1= Bhaava chalita kundali, D9 = navaamsha kundali, D30 = trinsaamsha kundali.

Birth DataDeathVimshottari Configuration
DateTime, ISTLatLongDateAmshayuPindayuNisargayuDeath


Death : problems in abdomen, arsenic poisoning perhaps.
(lord of 9 & 12) was combust in Sun (lord of 11) of mooltrikona in 10th house, hence Pindayu and Nisargayu ruled out. Rahu in 2nd house and maarakesh Mars(lord of 2,7) suggest Amshayu at first glance. But if Saturn is related to any maaraka, it replaces others to become a maaraka. Here, Saturn has aspect relation with Venus (lord of 8th house) and is sitting in the raashi of its bitter enemy. When a comparison of all planets is carried out, Saturn proves to be real maaraka. Its mutual Parivartana Relation with Moon and Moon's abode in the house gave Moon a role in death. Again, Moon had greatest influence on Merc due to Bhaavesh-drishti relation of 54'. Hence Sat:Sat:Moon:Merc:Mars (Mars being original maarakesh).
It should be mentioned here that in Trinsaamsha kundali (D30) which is important for diseases and death, Saturn is lord of 8th house while Moon is lord of 2nd house, and both have bitterly enmical yuti relation in 4th house of Virgo, while Rahu is sitting with exalted Sun. Saturn and Moon in Virgo caused prombems in the abdomen. D1 and D30 both explain Napoleon's death. Due to D30, Rahu of D1 could not cause death.
AL of D30 had exalted Sun as lagnesh in A9, hence whatever be the illness of Napoleon, others (including the jail authorities) believed him to be healthy and robust till he died.
I got this birth data from a French astrological software Kingstar ( All major events of Napoleon's life have been checked, and perfectly match with Vimshottari timings computed by Kundalee software. Softwares made along physical astronomy give true positions of material planets but a lagna 23 degrees less than that given by Suryasiddhantic Kundalee software in this case, due to vast difference in Saurpakshiya and Drikpakshiya sunrises! Hence, entire bhaavachalita differs, and ancient rules of death prediction as well as Vimshottari timings do not work at all. Kundalee and Jhora have 23 degrees difference in lagna for Napoleon, while not only D1 but even D30 of Kundalee works fine here. Hence, physical astronomy does not work well in astrology, and makes the latter a pseudo-science.


BirthTime, ISTLatLongDeathAmshayuPindayuNisargayuDeath
While Napoleon's case was a classic example, Hitler presents an opposite example. None of the three fulfill criteria needed for death : amshaayu caused by Moon which is lord of 10th house, pindaayu caused by Saturn in Saturn, which is auspicious in D1 by dint of being lord of 4th and 5th houses, but slightly inauspicious in D30 by owning its rashi in 2nd house. Nisargayu is caused by Jupiter and Moon, Moon being lord of 10th and Jupiter in its own raashi. Hence, we must look for worst planets in horoscope, as BPHS suggests. In D1, 2nd house is empty, while four planets reside in 7th, two of wich are auspicious : exalted Sun, and Mars in its own raashi, although may be slightly inauspicious by dint of being lord of 2nd and 7th houses. Remaining both planets are enmically placed in 7th and are therefore killer planets : Venus being lord of 8th(and lagna) and Mercury being lord of 12th(and 9th). Moon, Jupiter and Saturn have already been ruled out, as mentioned earlier. Thus, only Rahu and Ketu are left, of which Ketu is left out by dint of its yuti relation with Saggitarian Jupiter and Karmesh Moon. Venus is highly inauspicious in D30 as well. Thus, Rahu:Venus:Merc reflects the order of most inauspicious planets in Hitler's horoscope. In D30, Rahu has mutual aspect relations with all killer planets, esp Venus and Saturn, and Rahu is under enmical influence of Mercury due to latter's bhaavesh-drishti relation.
It was Mars of Aries which helped Hitler seize power during 1924-31, and Rahu of moolatrikona in 9th house which further contributed to his power. Hitler had five planets in exaltation, moolatrikona or in own raashi, four of which had high aspects on 10th house.But Rahu's relations with killers in D30 killed Hitler, when AD and PD of those killers came in Rahu's MD. Why he shot himself in the head may be related to most killer planet Venus residing in Aries (7th house) in D1, and lord of Aries Mars sitting with Venus in 7th house of D30.


BirthTime, ISTLatLongDeathAmshayuPindayuNisargayuDeath
Nehru's Venus is in Libra sitting in 4th house, while Rahu is in moola trikona but in 12th house. Among, anshaayu, pindaayu and nisargaayu we have to choose between Venus and Rahu, and Rahu is the choice by dint of residing in 12th house. Hence, death must occur in Rahu's MD. Now, the next choice is between AD of Venus versus AD of Saturn. Saturn is sitting in 2nd house, being lord of 7,8 and 9th houses, while Venus is auspicious.Besides, Saturn has yuti relation with Rahu in D30. But in D1, Rahu has mutual aspect relation with Venus (33:27'), while Rahu:Saturn aspect is merely 14:0. Hence, Rahu must give its bad effects of residing in 12th house through its relative Venus, and not through its non-relative Saturn. In D30 Saturn is a relative of Rahu, but D1 overrules D30, as the vimshopaka list of BPHS clearly states.
Saturn in 2nd house is in yuti with svagrihi lagnesh Moon, while maarkesh Sun is in fast friend's abode in 5th with conjunct Merc. Jup is svagrihi with Ketu of mool trikona in 6th. Hence, Mars, samgrihi in the house of longevity (3rd) is left as the sole contender for the post of PD, followed by Jupiter in 6th for SD.
Nearly same precedece in observed in D30, with an exception of Merc which is bad in D30. In D1 too Merc is conjunct, but with auspicious Sun; hence Merc in D1 is not killer.
Time, IST
Time of Death : 17:50:10 IST (+10:30 of LST) , cited by PVR Narasimha Rao : cf.
Lincoln was killed during Saturn's MD. Amshayu, pindayu and nisargayu all fall in Saturn's MD, and Saturn actually proved to be killer, because of its enmical mutual aspect relation with Maarakesh Jupiter (39:35') which was placed in own raashi in 2nd house. But Saturn had balanced (sama) mutual aspect relation with exalted Venus (33:25) and friendly mutual aspect relation with Mercury which are all placed in 2nd house of Bhaavachalita (D1). All these relations make Saturn the sole killer, but relation with svagrihi Jup and exalted Venus make Saturn a high class benefic as well, augmented by Saturn's placement in 10th house and lordship of lagna and (12th house). Lincoln was made president by Saturn.
Now, the problem is which AD in Saturn's MD should be most probable for Lincoln's death. According to general rule, Amshayu, Pindayu and Nisargayu suggest Rahu, Jupiter or Moon. Jupiter is svagrihi, Rahu is samgrihi in 9th house, and moon is lord of 6,7 and placed in 12th. Moreover, Jupiter and Moon are related to Saturn, Jupiter having mutual aspect relation
(39:35')and Moon having Bhaavesh-drishti relation (residing in Surn's raashi and having Saturn's aspect 49'. Hence, nisargaayu of Moon's AD seems to be most probable. But according to BPHS, other killer planets also must be taken into account before arriving at any decision.
Following is the complete list of Saturn's relations with all other planets ( Codes : -- bitter enemy, - enemy, ... sama, + friendly, ++ fast friend) ; full aspect is 60') :
Ketu --11 ,,, Jup -35 ,,, Mars ...0 ,,, Rahu ++0 ,,, Ven ...25 ,,,[ Moon ...49 ,,, Sun ...50 ,,, Merc ++42 ]
Last three planets have Bhaavesh-drishti relation with Saturn, ie are in Saturn's raashi and are seen by Saturn. hence, they are closest relatives of Saturn. Of them, Sun is not a killer planet, although it is fruitless by dint of not being lord of any house in bhaavachalita (no bhaava has Leo in its centre). Moon is inauspicious by dint being lord of 6,7 and residing in 12, and is also significator of nisargaayu. But Mercury is the most killer planet, after Saturn, by dint of residing in 2nd house and being related to main killer Saturn as well as to maahkesh Jupiter. Hence, the rule of Amshaayu-Pindaayu-Nisargaayu here breaks down, and Mercury becomes a killer, after Saturn. Jupiter transferred its killer property to its relative Saturn, as BPHS states.

BirthTime, ISTLatLongDeathAmshayuPindayuNisargayuDeath

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